Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bingo and Santa

Wow. So I haven't written in a while! But here I am now for a few :)

Today was a very good day! Well, I woke up to 2 feet of sparkly
white snow (so now we're hoping it stays so we can have a 'White Christmas') and it was just beautiful! And also a very sweet neighbor kid came and shoveled our walks because Jonah isn't able to from his collar bone injury/surgery. He touched my heart with his generosity. But on days like these I'd rather just stay inside and not have to drive anywhere. I'm one who absolutely does not like driving in such dire conditions; slick roads just scare me.... Today I had a pretty good reason to want to go out, though:

When I went off to college to SUU, I had to quit my CNA job at Hobble Creek Rehab and Nursing. Obviously Cedar City (being a 3 hour drive) is too far for me to commute to work :P Therefore quitting was necessary. I was pretty sad though. I would miss my residents, my friends. I was excited to have a whole month off for Christmas break, however. I asked if during that time of being home if I would be able to get my job back, temporarily to work and earn some money over the break.

Well, about a month or so ago, I got an email from my mom informing that she had just found out that they were going to be tearing my nursing home down to rebuild so they had moved my residents to 2 different places :( This was sad news: I realized that I might not be able to get a job anymore as well. They had to lay a few aids off, so why would they hire me? I was right, but still talked to them and filled out an application with them as well as with another nursing home in Payson.

Well I've entered the 2nd week of my break and I still hadn't heard anythi
ng from either. I'm really desperate for a job and something to do during the day so I have been babysitting 3 times already and was even asking to help at the UPS Store (if they needed me, which they didn't). But Lo and Behold! Today I got a call from the lady I used to work for. When I saw her name pop up on my phone there was a little hope! The reason I hadn't heard from her was because she had just had a major hip replacement and today was her first day back to work. She knew I needed a job and she needed temporary help as well.

Basically the recreational therapist woman, Jessica, found a job elsewhere and today was her last day. Melanie (my boss) was calling to see if I would mind filling in until they could find someone else to replace her. So basically, instead of being a CNA again, I am going to help with games and activities and entertainment for the residents! I get to see and be with my residents (plus about 20 new ones I am meeting) without having to do the grungy work! :D I'm so so excited!
Today was great; since Christmas is coming fast, I wrapped presents from "Santa" for the residents that people had brought in so they could have a Christmas. I also (with the help of Jessica) played Bingo with them, and gave little chocolate candies for prizes! I also got to see some of my favorite residents (I know, I know I shouldn't pick favorites....but sometimes you can't help it!) and one in particular, actually remembered who I was after months of not seeing her! I was surprised cuz normally she wouldn't remember people! So that made me happy :)

I am excited to FINALLY have a job, which will give me something productive to do during the day. And it will be good because it's not a worthless job serving food at a fast food place, but rather working with people who really need the love and attention. And I'm most happy to be giving it!

I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas, and remember the TRUE meaning, giving of yourself selflessly.