Thursday, September 16, 2010


Last night I got to go to the Swing Dance was SO much fun! But I learned yet another new thing: even girls use muscles when swing dancing! Today when I woke up my back, abs, arms, quads, etc. were sore from everything. Kinda crazy, right?
Well today, to make things "all better" I went to the weight room for an hour and a half! I haven't done that in forever! But it was enjoyable and made me wanna try to make it a regular ordeal so I can get back into shape. Now though, I'm uber sore. Like UBER. Tomorrow is gonna rock! I won't be able to move! haha
Tomorrow is also gonna rock cuz I get to see my mommy for the first time in a MONTH! I can't even believe I have been away from home for a whole month. Time flew by so fast! Wow.
Love you mommy....and can't wait to see you!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Life of a College Student

Haha okay wow. So....I told ya it would be hard for me to write! I have not written in months :/ My bad. Well here I am today writing a blog while taking a break from the tediousness of my homework. blah.

College thus far has been a good experience for me; much better than what I ever thought it was going to be. I came being scared and timid. I didn't want to leave my family. But now I realize that I can do it. I can live on my own! It isn't so bad after all. I think my mother cried more than I did :)

So.....things I am learning while at college:

1. Don't stay up too late, especially if you have an 8:30 a.m. class the next morning. UNLESS you get ahead and are able to skip every once in a while ;)
2. Make a variety of friends. Talk to everyone! I have met so many different people that are all so neat -- it is crazy!! I have friends from places such as Holland, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and of course the United States. I have friends of all different cultures and ethnicities: blacks, whites, Asians, etc.
3. Make sure to figure out what your priorities are, otherwise distractions come easily.
4. Work before play.
5. Let me repeat: work BEFORE play.
6. My roommates are not as scary as I thought! Haha ok, scary isn't the right word, but I thought it was gonna be where people ate my food and we'd be getting mad at each other. So not true. I got blessed with AMAZING roommates. They are so great!
7. I love getting letters!
8. Laundry is NOT fun. Especially when you have to pay for every load no matter the size. It's helpful when you combine sometimes with your roommates to save yourself grief. I just wanna publicly thank my wonderful mother who did all my laundry for 18 years. You are the best. It sucks. I feel your pain.
9. The library can be a good place to do your is quiet. But sometimes you meet cool, new people there, and they become your friend and then you start talking and become distracted.
10. There is a TON to do! So many social events and clubs. Something is going on 24/7 it seems like!
11. Even though we are in Utah, not everyone is LDS. And sometimes.....well let's just say you don't know what you are gonna get at the dances. So sometimes, it just might be a good thing for you to leave -- unless you wanna see some not-so-pleasant things :P
12. Church is like the meat market I hear. Each year fresh new meat comes in....and the men swarm. Ha! Lucky for hasn't been bad.
13. I like the boys that open doors for me :)
14. Stay motivated and exercise. Or don't, and feel like turd.
15. Grocery shopping is like an adventure. I kinda like it! hahaa
16. I love institute!

So there are just a few things I have learned and noticed since bein here. I have also realized not all boys are bad!! I have actually gone on about 4 dates since getting here....and they have been really fun. Here are some pictures:

College really has been flying by pretty fast -- I mean I am in my 4th week already! Before I know it, I will be graduated and a nurse :)

Well good bye for now :)

I will try my best to write more often!