Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 67

Day 68:
-Read: Alma 62-63
-Mark: Alma 62:41

"These people all had basically the same experience. The war was the same length for all people; yet out of the same experience some were hardened and some were softened. What made the difference? It was what they thought of God and His Son."
~C. Max Caldwell

Something to think about: When you experience trials, do you feel your heart is hardened or softened? What can you do to improve your thoughts of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ? How do you think this will help to soften your heart?

Do I feel my heart is hardened or softened? Hmm...well, when I'm going through rough times at first I tend to feel upset/mad/hurt/scared/victimized/etc. because obviously no one likes to have a bad time, am I right? But then I try and snap out of it ASAP, and find what God is trying to teach me from going through that particular trial. My heart becomes softened when I realize what I've learned, and how much stronger I've become. In the moment it is hardest to see.....but looking back on things I can see the "new me." We honestly can't live our lives without God. Truly. Without him we are n.o.t.h.i.n.g.

Sometimes we so easily forget that He's there, waiting and wanting to converse with us. He loves us, and loves being able to talk with us and help us to be the happiest we can be.

When you are going through tough times, don't continually feel so sorry for yourself or think it's the end of the world; that is Satan taking over. Try to look past those feelings and change them. Instead of trying to change the problem, maybe try to change the light in which you see the problem. Look at it differently! Pray for comfort and guidance--The peace will follow if you continually strive to do what is right and especially if you are asking God to be on your side.

If that still isn't working for ya (which hopefully it will), get off your butt and go serve someone! That always brightens my day :)

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